About Us

Integrated Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics learning platform helps learners to connect their learnt concepts with its application. Involvement of technology and engineering things enriches the learning/teaching by enabling the learners to explore practical applications of core concepts of science and mathematics, stay in stage of curiosity & 21st Century Skills. This prepare our students for the upcoming technological disruptions to ensure the efficacious transition from a today’s learner into smart innovator.

The underpinning technological skills that students are ingrained with STEM Discipline must be validated.

Our STEM Assessment designed on Digital Platform could be the answer of above context-line. These assessments act as measuring tools to assess learner’s on the ground of Practical Learning Quotient (PLQ). Assessments question are frame to measure set skills and blooms factors that influence students’ success in STEM.

Salient features of the assessment:

  • The duration of the test is approximately one hour
  • The test includes 15 audio-visual multiple-choice questions (MCQs) based on working models
  • MCQs based on Bloom’s Taxonomy

Each participating students receives a performance report after the successful completion of the test. This comprehensive report includes percentage, ranks, marks, and percentile of the student. These assessments track the performance of a student based on a set benchmar to ensure students also come to know about their strengths and weaknesses according to the learning objectives of the test.